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The Get Britain Working Fund
It may be the case that an individual is best suited to take part in either a Work Trial, Work Experience or Traineeship to gain skills needed for them to move forward towards securing employment, and there may be a situation where the individual is required to travel to various locations or work unsociable hours when public transport is severely limited or unavailable.

The Get Britain Working Fund is only accessible to an individual with a transport need who is unemployed and working with a Jobcentre Plus Advisor to move towards employment, therefore, this funding is not available through any other agency.

To access this fund a referral from a Jobcentre Plus Advisor must be completed and forwarded to Kickstart and once received the Get Britain Working Fund will provide an individual with the funding to:
1. Attend the Compulsory Bike Training (CBT) – required by law to ensure the individual is safe to ride the moped unsupervised. The CBT is delivered by one of our partners and will be confirmed with both the client and referring member of staff prior to any training taking place.

For more information regarding the CBT, please click on the relevant providers logo under the sponsors tab
2. Be issued with brand new safety equipment and clothing – Once the CBT has been passed the individual will be issued with the following:
  • Motorcycle Helmet
  • Motorcycle Armoured Jacket
  • Waterpoof Trousers
  • Pair of Motorcycle Gloves
  • High Visibility Vest
  • Each moped comes with a lock and chain or security
What and what not to wear | Kickstart Moped Hire | Norfolk, Cambs & Suffolk border
3. Be issued with a 50cc moped – this involves our driver delivering the moped to the individual at either their residential address or place of training and then a detailed handover will take place looking at the following:
  • The moped controls and safety features
  • Daily & weekly checks the individual is required to carry out
  • Emergency numbers for AA breakdown
  • Actions to be taken in the event of an accident, breakdown or individual wanting to return the moped
4. Free Weekly Hire of moped for a period of 12 weeks. At the end of the 12-week period the moped will be collected by the Kickstart Charity unless the individual states they are happy to self-fund the weekly hire cost of: £29
5. All moped hire payments are made by direct debit which will be set up by the Kickstart Charity, or alternatively payments can be made by Go Cardless.

Please Note

An individual accessing the Get Britain Working Fund will be required to hold a minimum of a Provisional Motorcycle Licence therefore, if the individual is not in possession of this, an application to obtain a Provisional Licence will need to be made.
As the individual is funded for a 12-week period should they attend for example a 4-week training course, the moped will be collected at the end of the 4-week period and the individual can then access the scheme for a further 8 weeks. This means that the 12 weeks can be staggered, allowing the individual more flexibility with the funding. As a reminder, the Get Britain Working Fund can only be accessed via an application from Jobcentre Plus.
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