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The Kickstart Charity Moped Scheme & Costs
As previously mentioned, funding is not always available and therefore, it may be down to the individual / organisation / trust to pay for the CBT, safety clothing and equipment and the cost of hiring the moped. Provided below is a breakdown of all costs associated with the Kickstart Norfolk Moped Scheme. Payments can be made by Go Cardless. 
Please note: it does not include rider insurance excess and any other costs that may be applicable.
Item Discounted Cost
Compulsory Bike Training (CBT) Motorider CBT = £90
Camrider Peterborough & Cambridge = £125
Moped Hire 50cc = FREE to £29 per week
110cc = FREE to £39 per week
Motorcycle Helmet Reduced from £40 to £36
Armoured Motorcycle Jacket Reduced from £70 to £56
Motorcycle Gloves Reduced from £20 to £16
Waterproof Trousers Reduced from £20 to £16
High Visibility Vest Reduced from £5 to £4
Maximum Potential Saving of: £195
Rider safety is Kickstart Norfolk's number one priority and no moped or scooter will be issued without the individual producing a copy of his or her pass cert and proving they are in possession of  the relevant clothing or safety equipment which must meet required safety standards. The  individual is not required to purchase any clothing, equipment or CBT from Kickstart Charity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clients and advisors may have many questions that will require answering and therefore, provided below are the most common questions asked by applicants.

Are there any age restrictions?

No: anyone 16+ can apply for a Kickstart moped, if you are under 18 you will need permission from a parent or guardian.

Do I need a licence?

Yes: everyone accessing the Kickstart Norfolk Moped Scheme will be required to hold a minimum of a Provisional Driving Licence.

How much will the Moped Scheme cost?

This will depend on your personal situation and regional funding variations, please see the costings section of this page or call the team on 01362 699923.

How long can I use the moped or scooter for?

There is a minimum period of 1 week but no maximum hire period, providing it is cost effective for us to do so, you can use the vehicle for as short or long a period as you want, subject to our terms and conditions being met.

What Insurance is provided with the vehicles and what is insurance excess? 
All Kickstart Norfolk mopeds and scooters are hired with Fully Comprehensive Insurance, giving you the extra protection you need. Every rider agreeing to take part in the moped scheme will be required to agree to pay an excess of up to £250 in the event that the moped is stolen, written off or damaged. As a charity we will often not require this money to be paid upfront and therefore a payment plan will be discussed, agreed with the individual and implemented. 

Please Note; Prior to any individual paying an excess amount, they will be provided will a comprehensive breakdown of damage caused and the amount of cost to repair this. 

So, what do I do next? 

To start the wheels in motion we will need a completed application from you and you can get an application pack by:
  1. Clicking on the apply now button on this page and complete an application form. Once completed you will need to save a copy of the application then send to Kickstart Norfolk at
  2. Complete an application form with your advisor/staff member. 
  3. Call Kickstart Norfolk on 01362 699923 and we will happily complete an application with you over the telephone, email an application to you or post one out to you.

How long does the application process take?

This will depend on your personal situation but once your application has been received, Kickstart Norfolk will aim to get you onto a moped or scooter within 3-7 working days. The earlier you submit your application the better and therefore, we recommend you complete an application today!!
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