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The Kickstart Norfolk Application Process
Making an application to be considered for the Kickstart Moped Scheme and potential funding could not be easier, simply click on the apply now button, and then download and complete the application form. Once completed, you will need to save a copy of the form and then email it to us at 
Alternatively, you can apply using any of the following methods:
  • Call the Kickstart Norfolk team on 01362 699923 and request that an application form be sent to you via email or Royal Mail.
  • Ask the team member to fill in the application with you over the telephone.


For advisors and businesses, should a potential transport issue be identified during your interview with a member of staff, service user or client, a Kickstart Application should be completed at the earliest opportunity and forwarded to the Kickstart Office via scan and email to: or printed and sent via Royal Mail to our office address: Kickstart, 8 Royson Way, Dereham, Norfolk, NR19 1WD.

On receipt of the application form a member of our team will forward an acknowledgement email to you to confirm receipt of the application.

Provided below is a step by step guide to the application process.

Transport Plan

The next step in the process is for the client to be contacted by a member of the Kickstart Norfolk team to go through a detailed Transport Plan which requires the applicant to answer a series of questions to determine whether the Kickstart Moped Scheme is in fact the best option for them financially. The Transport Plan will cover the following:
  • Licence Check – the applicant will be asked to confirm whether they hold a minimum of a provisional driving/motorcycle licence. If not an application for a provisional licence will need to be applied for. If the applicant has a licence they will be asked to provide a code from the DVLA ‘Share my Licence’, for Kickstart Norfolk to verify their licence, at this point the individual can give verbal permission for Kickstart Norfolk to check the licence to speed up the process. The client will be given a step by step guide to complete this and the DVLA’s website address for this is:
  • Insurance – once the applicants licence has been confirmed Kickstart Norfolk will speak to our insurance providers to confirm that we can provide insurance for the individual. Unfortunately, in some instances, if there are specific driving or criminal convictions evident Kickstart Norfolk  may not be able to secure insurance and therefore, the individual will not be able to access the Moped Scheme.
  • Existing Transport Links – the applicant will be asked to describe the current transport links to and from their proposed place of work, education or training and the potential costs to him/her of using this transport daily. This information is then used by the team to ensure that the Kickstart Scheme is in fact the best financial option for the client, it will also help the team to identify if alternative funding options are available.
  • Financial – the applicant will be informed of all the costs of being on the Kickstart Moped Scheme and a discussion regarding the individual’s income will take place to ensure they are financially able to fund the scheme once they are issued with the moped. Once confirmed, the applicant is informed of the repayment method and collection date; all payments are collected by Direct Debit so a bank account will be needed for an individual to access the Moped scheme. If the individual is proposing to pay for the scheme themselves, a full breakdown of costs is provided to them at this stage. If the applicant has been fortunate and funding has been arranged and agreed, then the costs the client will incur on top of the funding or after the funding ends will be discussed with them. Please Note: the Kickstart Norfolk team will automatically research all potential funding streams to ensure we provide the very best deal to the client.
  • Proposed Provision Start Date – this is the date that the team will work to and ensure the applicant is ready to be issued with a moped in time to start employment, training or education. It is important that the applicant immediately informs Kickstart Norfolk once a start date has been confirmed as this will enable us to arrange both the relevant training and the issue of the moped or scooter.
  • Provision Details – details of the provision; employment type, employers address and the relevant contact details will be required so Kickstart Norfolk can confirm the provision type and start date. This information will also be used to secure the relevant funding and ensure Kickstart Norfolk can deliver a replacement moped to the client’s workplace in the event of break down etc.

Please Note you do not need to have secured employment, training or education provisions to access the moped scheme. Please see Funding Opportunities for further information regarding this. 

At the end of the Transport Plan the applicant will be informed whether taking part in the Kickstart Moped Scheme is the best option for them financially, as a charity we never want to place an individual in a difficult financial situation. Therefore, in some cases there may be a cheaper alternative. If it is agreed that the Moped Scheme is the best option for the individual, details of the next step in the process will be explained. 

Compulsory Bike Training (CBT)

Once the Transport Plan has been completed the next step in the process is for the Kickstart Norfolk team to arrange for the client to complete the CBT. This training is compulsory and is designed to ensure the client is safe to ride the moped unsupervised, therefore, should the client fail the CBT they will not be able to proceed any further. Kickstart Norfolk is currently use 3 companies who deliver this training and they are as follows:
Motorider CBT | Kickstart Moped Hire | Norfolk, Cambs & Suffolk border
Motorider CBT - this organisation is the preferred provider and they will contact the client directly to arrange a convenient pick-up point of their choice. Motor Rider CBT will then transport the client to their training centre and deliver the Compulsory Bike Training (CBT). Once completed the client will be dropped back to the place they were picked up from. Motor Rider CBT cover the Norfolk area of East Anglia but will also deliver the training to clients in East Cambridgeshire.
Camrider Peterborough CBT | Kickstart Moped Hire | Norfolk, Cambs & Suffolk border
Camrider Peterborough - this organisation will deliver the Compulsory Bike Training (CBT) to clients in and around the Peterborough area. However, the client will be required to make their own way to and from the training centre. 
Camrider Cambs CBT | Kickstart Moped Hire | Norfolk, Cambs & Suffolk border
Camrider Cambridge - this organisation will deliver the Compulsory Bike Training (CBT) to clients in and around the Cambridge area and the client is required to make their own way to and from the training centre.
121 Motorbike Training School CBT | Kickstart Moped Hire | Norfolk, Cambs & Suffolk border
The Motorbike Training School -   are based in Newmarket and offer Compulsory Bike Training (CBT) to service users who can make their own way to the Motorbike Training School Training Centre.
On completion of the CBT the client is ready to be issued with their safety equipment, clothing and moped. A member of the Kickstart Norfolk team will contact the referring member of staff to provide them with an update and confirm the provision start date.

Moped Issue

Once a provision has been secured and a start date confirmed, a member of the Kickstart Norfolk team will contact the client to arrange a time, date and location for issuing the moped. Once confirmed Kickstart's dedicated driver will deliver the moped to the client at either their residential address, place of provision or most convenient location. Kickstart's dedicated driver will then issue the individual with the relevant safety equipment and clothing (if applicable) and take them through a detailed moped handover which will include:
  • All moped safety features and controls demonstration.
  • The basic servicing required by the client whilst they are on the moped scheme – how to check the oil, air pressure, lights and visual check of moped. The client is provided with a check sheet to follow on a daily and weekly basis, this sheet also provides Kickstart Norfolk's contact details.
  • Moped damage check – the client is walked around the moped taking note of any scratches or marks, these are recorded by the driver and the client will confirm by signing the document. The client is then informed of the servicing schedule and breakdown details are discussed.
  • The relevant issue paperwork is then read and signed by the client.
  • The moped is issued to the client.

Additional Features

Once the moped has been issued to the client, payments will be made in line with their pay schedule, they are then provided with a first-class transport service. The weekly hire fee ensures that the vehicle issued to the service user comes with the following:
  • Full Insurance – in the event of an accident the Kickstart team will take care of all insurance enquiries to ensure the stress is taken away from the rider.
  • Road Tax & MOT – all mopeds are fully road legal.
  • 24 hour/7 Day AA Breakdown Cover & Roadside Assistance - In the event of a breakdown the AA will provide roadside assistance and Kickstart will endeavour to provide a replacement moped within 24 hours. 
  • Maintenance – all Kickstart mopeds are put through regular servicing and inspections to ensure they remain road safe. Every 2500 miles or 4 months, if the moped has not travelled the relevant mileage, our mopeds will be called back to the Kickstart Centre for servicing by our in house qualified mechanics. To ensure our riders are not caused any inconvenience we will pick up the moped and drop off a replacement moped at a time and location suitable to them.

Application Process Flow Chart

Application Process Flow Chart | Kickstart Moped Hire | Norfolk, Cambs & Suffolk border
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