• The first step is to apply for a bike.  Please click on the enquire tab and complete your details we will then either email you an application form for completion or if you would prefer we can post one out, please add your full name and address in the comments box if you would like one posted.
  • Someone from Kickstart will contact you to go through your application.  This is where we will discuss any possible funding that may be available to help subsidise your weekly hire fees.  We will also setup a direct debit with you but you will not be charged until you receive your bike.
  • You will then need, if you don't already have a valid certificate, to under go Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) to legally be entitled to ride a bike.  For the vast majority the cost of a CBT is usually covered by a third party (e.g. Job Centre Plus), however if you need to pay the cost is £90 (which is what we are charged).  The CBT is a one day course.
  • If required we can arrange for you to be picked up and dropped off, sometimes with your bike, on the day of your CBT.  There is no additional cost for this service.
  • When you have completed your CBT you will be issued with your full safety kit (helmet, gloves, jacket, waterproofs and hi-vis) either at our offices or by the van driver delivering your bike.  For most people this kit is paid for by a third party however you can buy the kit if required direct from us.  You can provide your own kit but we will need to see it first to make sure it is both legal & suitable.
  • You will be issued with your bike.  No more buses or walking!
  • When you've finished with your bike all you need to do is call us to arrange a collection on our next available day.

What does the CBT involve:

Compulsory Basic Training, or C.B.T is the course you need to complete to be able to ride a motorbike legally on the road.

The C.B.T is a one day course and will cover all aspects of motorcycling including safety equipment, motorcycle maintenance, motorbike control and road skills.

  • The training starts off at our off-road training area. Here you will learn how to ride a motorbike, whether you have any experience or not. Then the instructor will cover all aspects of motorcycling including safety equipment, bike maintenance, machine control and road skills.
  • You will then progress on to the road when the instructor is happy with your riding.
  • If the instructor is happy with you riding on the road, he will pass you and be issued with your C.B.T certificate that allows you to ride a 50cc scooter (16 years old) or a 125cc motorcycle / scooter (17+ years old).